6 Best Things to do in Zhengzhou, China

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Zhengzhou is one of the least explored cities in China. I think this city should be included in the must-see places in china just because it offers the best chance to know about Chinese civilization. I got to know about Chinese architecture, modern Chinese culture, and Buddhist culture by visiting this city.

  1. Longmen Grottoes

Longmen grottoes offer the best works of Buddhist art. Two mountains called Longmen and Xiangshan have caves and carvings belonging to 5th to 8th century. Carvings include limestone statues of Buddha and Wu Zetian the only female Chinese emperor.

  1. Lord Bao Memorial Temple

Lord Bao Zheng was a famous official of Northern Song Dynasty well known for his fair judgment. The temple was built in Song architectural style to display the things associated with Bao and his high moral character.

  1. Erqi Night Market

I was baffled by the dining choices at the Erqi night market. You can enjoy any street style Chinese food at a cheaper price at this market. Apart from restaurants, you can also find department stores, clothing stores, etc.

  1. City God Temple

This temple for Daoist God is the largest worship place in Zhengzhou City. This temple dates back to the Ming dynasty period and has a lot of artwork embellishments. It is a great example of Chinese folk artwork.

  1. Yellow River

You will not get disappointed if you include the scenic area of the Yellow River in your things-to-do list. The major attractions here include Five Dragons Peak and many others in the form of mountain ranges and hills. If you like to check out a temple, then visit Yueshan Temple.

  1. Provincial Museum of Henan

Zhengzhou is the capital of Henan province in China and the provincial museum is a must-visit place to know more about the province. The display at this museum shows the distinct culture of Henan natives and the history of the place.

Karachi – A Glimpse of Old Pakistan and its History

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Karachi is known to be the old capital city of Pakistan and it is located in the Sindh province of the country. Being one of the most populous cities of the country as well as the sixth most populated city in the world, I still found a system in place for helping travelers like me who can enjoy sights and sounds of the city and get to understand the local culture.

What to Expect

The city acts as a major transport hub so getting here was not difficult. I even took cruises in the port region which opens up the cityscape from the waters. There are two seaports here, the largest in the country which is Port Bin Qasim and Port of Karachi. Traveling here is not difficult since it has an established airport as well.

Exploring the History of the City

Karachi grew out of Kolachi village in the year 1729. This was a fortified village and remnants of this region and historic artifacts can be found at the National Museum of Pakistan. Here are rare manuscripts, cultural and art pieces to be found as well.

The settlement of the East India Company in the mid 19th century was an important forming point for this city and evidence of their rule and history of the era can be found in different museums and other places of the city.

Historic Sites

  1. Mazar-e-Quaid

This is an important historic site which has a tomb and mausoleum as well. It is the final resting place of ali jinnah who founded pakistan and it was designed in the 1960s.

  1. Mohata Palace Museum

This museum steeped in cultural history as well as garden spaces.

Resorts and Eateries

I enjoyed visiting the Clifton beach in Karachi which has sandy beaches and wide expansive coastline. There are several walkways and parks to enjoy here. Churna Island is another place worth visiting where one can go for activities like fishing, and scuba diving. Pakistani food such as kebabs, biryani are what I enjoyed here as local fare.

Bogota: Exploring the Bustling City

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The capital of Columbia, Bogota, is a bustling city. There are a plethora of touristy things to do. It is also pretty hip and cool. Spending a week in Bogota, I just fell in love with the city. The excellent culinary scene and the friendly locals are going to add to the intoxicating aura which is exuded by the city. Here, listed a few things that you can check out when you are in the city

Walk Through La Candelaria

This is the first thing that I did after I set foot in the city. La Candelaria is the historic center which has many tourist attractions. The bohemian and colorful streets will re-kindle your spirits. Take an evening walk along cobbled streets along the university halls and colonial buildings. The street arts are just exceptional. I came across many cafes, restaurants, and bars serving delectable food. You can also get to see artists and musicians performing around this area.

The Gold Museum

Museo Del Oro, the most well-known museum of the city has over 30,000 gold pieces. The three-floor museum is full of artifacts that have been collected from the pre-Hispanic cultures of Colombia. However, what surprised me was that each of these pieces focused on different themes. I got to learn how these pieces had been discovered and mined and then worked on to make masks, jewelry, armor, or bowls.

Climb Monserrate

Climb uphill to this excellent viewpoint to get a view of the entire city. The white church at the top but the seeing the beautiful view of the city surpassed everything. There are some restaurants at the top where you can grab a drink and snack. Superstitions have to say that couples who go together are never going to get married. However, these are nothing but superstitions.

Beppu – The Steamy City

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This city apart from being beautiful and charming is the most relaxing city I have ever been to. This city has numerous amounts of hot springs, which is the reason why it gets so many visitors in the season. It houses over three thousand hot springs and what gets going to this city is its tourism. The city remains very fresh throughout due to the steams that rise and flow from the hot springs. The feeling I witnessed in this place was laid back calmness. With some amazing architectural representations, this city must be visited by everyone at least once.

Hells of Beppu

As we know the city is known for its hot springs where you can relax and chill, but some of those hot springs are an absolute intense sensation. This spring are too hot and gothic to be enjoyed for bathing but is a tremendous scenic beauty. The tour of such springs is provided, one of such I attended and was incredible. These springs are stunning visually and there are eight such hot springs all around Japan.

Beach Sand Bath

The most relaxing city Beppu being, apart from all those incredible hot springs, there are several such springs that offer you the sand baths. The most original of all sand baths provided is the one on, Shoningahama Beach. The sands here are naturally heated from the steam of the hot springs. Several tourists have been coming here from very early times to be completely buried under the sands. This facility was completed by adding after a bath, shower facility in 1986. From my experience, you might even fall asleep in those baths. Each such bath costs 60 yen.

Takasakiyama Monkey Park

This is the oldest park in Beppu city. It houses around 1500 Japanese Macaque which is only 10% of the total population of them. There are no cages for these monkeys, instead, they are given a natural habitat and they roam around on trees freely. Seven slot tours are arranged in this park so book yours in advance; the cost of entry here is 30 yen.

Yonkers: The City of Fun and Entertainment

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If you are exploring New York, don’t miss out Yonkers. This is a wonderful city and it is present on the Hudson River. This is one of the top cities in New York and many things for visitors. We liked the parks here, casino, horse races, and many more things. If you are also planning to visit this city, in the next few days, then my guide for you is, plan vacation smartly, get all your ticket booked and do not skip these places.

Hudson River Museum

This is the most popular and my favorite place in Yonkers. The museum has world-class collections and galleries of art from all over the world. The place also has a planetarium, outdoor amphitheater, and period house. I enjoyed everything here and spend around 4 hours here.

Untermyer Garden

This garden is a special attraction of Yonkers. The garden has been separated in different areas and each area has a theme to show the fauna and flora of Yonkers. The garden has areas by the name temple of love, rock garden, walled garden.

Ridge Hill

This is the place where you can enjoy lots of entertainment under one roof. This is basically not a hill, but a shopping destination. For shopping lovers, this is the perfect place as you get here everything that you are looking for. Local foods, a local brand of clothes, some fun activities.


The place has been built recently and in a small span of time, it has become one of the top attractions of Yonkers. This is not outdoor skydiving, this is an indoor skydiving center, where you get the feeling that you are flying. I tried this and had a really amazing experience.

The other places I visited on my tour to Yonkers are Glenview mansion, Untermyer Park and Gardens.

Yarmouth: Exploring the Best Things to Do

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Yarmouth is a city with natural beauty. It is an extension of Cape Cod and is filled with several beaches and other attractions. As a matter of fact, the city has so much to offer to the visitors, that you are never going to get bored. There is something for everyone. If you are planning to visit Yarmouth anytime soon, here are a few things that you should check out.

Seagull Beach

This was the first destination on my list. Being a beach lover, I couldn’t afford to visit it later. This beach has a shower, bathhouse, and easy parking facilities. There are stalls where you will be able to have snacks. The amazing view that it offers makes the beach special. However, during peak times, it can get really crowded. The beach offers you a great atmosphere to relax.

Great Marsh Kayak Tours

Do you love kayaking like me? Then you should surely avail this tour. Through this tour, you will be able to experience and get a glimpse of the city in a unique manner. Take out a day from your schedule for this tour. You are going to have too much fun in here.

Wild Animal Lagoon

This is a unique mini-golf course. I have seen nothing like it before. The course showcases the whimsical of lions, giraffes, hippos, and many other wild animals. If you are visiting with your family, you can indulge in a little after dinner activity.

Bass River Beach

To have the ultimate beach experience, you have to head to Bass River Beach. Here, you will be able to sit and relax while you listen to some music or read your favorite book. This beach is going to give you a feeling of a vacation. Also, the view of the blue water against white sand is just splendid.