Yonkers: The City of Fun and Entertainment

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If you are exploring New York, don’t miss out Yonkers. This is a wonderful city and it is present on the Hudson River. This is one of the top cities in New York and many things for visitors. I thoroughly visiting this place with my Denver friend who runs https://maidclan.com/. We liked the parks here, casino, horse races, and many more things. If you are also planning to visit this city, in the next few days, then my guide for you is, plan vacation smartly, get all your ticket booked and do not skip these places.

Hudson River Museum

This is the most popular and my favorite place in Yonkers. The museum has world-class collections and galleries of art from all over the world. The place also has a planetarium, outdoor amphitheater, and period house. I enjoyed everything here and spend around 4 hours here.

Untermyer Garden

This garden is a special attraction of Yonkers. The garden has been separated in different areas and each area has a theme to show the fauna and flora of Yonkers. The garden has areas by the name temple of love, rock garden, walled garden.

Ridge Hill

This is the place where you can enjoy lots of entertainment under one roof. This is basically not a hill, but a shopping destination. For shopping lovers, this is the perfect place as you get here everything that you are looking for. Local foods, a local brand of clothes, some fun activities.


The place has been built recently and in a small span of time, it has become one of the top attractions of Yonkers. This is not outdoor skydiving, this is an indoor skydiving center, where you get the feeling that you are flying. I tried this and had a really amazing experience.

The other places I visited on my tour to Yonkers are Glenview mansion, Untermyer Park and Gardens.

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