Beppu – The Steamy City

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This city apart from being beautiful and charming is the most relaxing city I have ever been to. This city has numerous amounts of hot springs, which is the reason why it gets so many visitors in the season. It houses over three thousand hot springs and what gets going to this city is its tourism. The city remains very fresh throughout due to the steams that rise and flow from the hot springs. The feeling I witnessed in this place was laid back calmness. With some amazing architectural representations, this city must be visited by everyone at least once.

Hells of Beppu

As we know the city is known for its hot springs where you can relax and chill, but some of those hot springs are an absolute intense sensation. This spring are too hot and gothic to be enjoyed for bathing but is a tremendous scenic beauty. The tour of such springs is provided, one of such I attended and was incredible. These springs are stunning visually and there are eight such hot springs all around Japan.

Beach Sand Bath

The most relaxing city Beppu being, apart from all those incredible hot springs, there are several such springs that offer you the sand baths. The most original of all sand baths provided is the one on, Shoningahama Beach. The sands here are naturally heated from the steam of the hot springs. Several tourists have been coming here from very early times to be completely buried under the sands. This facility was completed by adding after a bath, shower facility in 1986. From my experience, you might even fall asleep in those baths. Each such bath costs 60 yen.

Takasakiyama Monkey Park

This is the oldest park in Beppu city. It houses around 1500 Japanese Macaque which is only 10% of the total population of them. There are no cages for these monkeys, instead, they are given a natural habitat and they roam around on trees freely. Seven slot tours are arranged in this park so book yours in advance; the cost of entry here is 30 yen.

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